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World Wide Youth Networks (WWYN) began as a collaborative effort between the ParaDYM Academy after school program in New Britain Connecticut and the Office of Community Engagement and the Continuing Education Department at Central Connecticut State University, with the goal to create a purpose network for youth interested in the digital arts and sciences.  WWYN soon realized that this mission relied on the establishment of partnerships and collaborations beyond our geographic limitations if we were to truly succeed. The gifted youth in our collective programs suffer from disparities in broadband internet access; inadequacies in early education in the digital arts and sciences; systemic and institutionalized discrimination; and, a lack of digital, media and financial literacies.  So if we were going to build a network of safe digital spaces for empowerment, we would also have to help usher in the infrastructure that would make that possible.  After all, you cannot build a beautiful home on a foundation of sinking sand. With this expanded focus, WWYN diversified its scope to include partnerships with not only organizations that empower young minds, but those that combat digital disparities and advocate for equity in the digital landscape of the 21st Century.  This emboldened vision has led us to collaborate with educators and organizations that serve youth not just in Connecticut, but also New York, California, Texas, Florida, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana, South Africa and the UAE.  By expanding the purpose of our network, we allow youth from different geographic areas to build their own digital legacies, togehter.
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The 4 Pillars of Excellence

WWYN is a 501c3 non-profit, that connects youth, organizations, and institutions to promote digital equity and citizenship through the digital arts and sciences . We collaborate with thought leader in youth voice, digital equity and digital inclusion. We base our network on our 4 Pillars of Empowerment which help youth achieve success and advocate for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive digital world.  Our 4 Pillars include,  Collaboration, Community Building, Youth Voice Critical Conscious & Youth Development,  and Digital Equity & Representation
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